This beautiful, gentle soul is Tator Tot. He is aprox 3 years old, about 9 lbs and is looking for a new home to love him. He is neutered, fully vaccinated, rabies, bordatella, heart worm tested negative and micro chipped. He is available for adoption. He is very gentle and submissive. He will need a home with another smaller, gentle dog to cuddle with when you are not home. He definatly prefers ladies as he is shy of men. He has grown very attached to my husband so just needs time and patience to bond to the man of the house. He needs a quiet calm environment as he does not like too much chaos or activity. It just scares him a bit. He must be able to sleep with his people as his absolute joy in this world is to cuddle with you and keep you warm. He is indifferent to cats and likes calm, respectful children. He bonds very quickly to the lady of the house, so if it is a dog meant for the male in the house, he would not be a good match for you. He is house trained but there is always a possibility of accidents in a new environment so wears a belly band in new places so there are no accidents. He is the best traveler I have ever had. He jumps right into the back seat and goes to sleep. He does not try and sit on you or bother you when you are driving at all. He has been on a few long road trips and camping trips and is the perfect gentleman and traveler. Needs a home where someone is home most of the time. He is soooo in love with people that he would be unhappy left alone for long periods of time such as full time working households.

If you want more information on this great little guy, email me at His adoption fee is $350, requires a home visit, reference check with your vet and a trial adoption period to make sure he is a good match for your family.


I highly recommend Calican Rescue  if you are searching for a small dog available for adoption. Please visit their websites for more information.



ASDAN is a web based service that helps people rehome or find their small dogs. Please visit your local humane societies as well to find your new family member.

If you need to rehome your small dog. I can courtesy post it for you. The dog must be up to date on vacinations and must be spayed or neutered

 Little Bella is safely in the hands of her new family. They adore her and love the "new energy" she has brought to their home.

Bella had been found drowning in a pond  after someone beat her and threw her in to die. She was saved by Katie and adopted into her new home.

ASDAN recieves an award by Hersheys Canada. 

 See us at 

 Winston the ASDAN dog is a HERO!!!!!

My friend who adopted Winston called me in the middle of the night as fire crews were putting out a fire.....3 kids had broken in and were drinking in her garage, one then started to trash the garage and stuck a cloth in a jerry can and lit it on fire. 
In any case, Winston apparently had started barking and would not stop so my friend Joey got out of her bed to see the garage engulfed in flames..... they probably would have slept right through until the fire trucks arrived, and God knows if the fire might have spread to the house.
So thanks to you for giving us little Winston and I think they're quite happy to have had him..... now who says yappy min pins aren't valuable haahah!!!
Tracy L

 Be sure to visit your local humane society and rescues to save a local pet. If they do not have the small dog for you, then please consider one of these cuties.


A special thank you to Cheryl Brooks at CFCW 

Many thanks to  Michelle Anthony for the unbelievable help and Dr. Jody Bennett, Sherry and the fabulous staff at the Terwillegar Veterinary Clinic in Edmonton Alberta



Please don't buy a puppy from a pet store, from the internet or the newspapers. Many advertised now are from Canadian and US puppy mills brought in by animal brokers. They will tell you anything you want to hear. Please educate yourself on the horrors of this growing problem and be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

In honor and rememberance of, those who waited, and help never came....


Below are some lucky little dogs that have found their forever homes here in Alberta

 3 year old neutered male chihuahua cross. Current shots including rabies and bodatella, flea guard, deworming and microchiped. 12 lbs

Darth Vader is now named Roly (as in Roly Poly) and living with his new mom and fur brother Colby. They play and play and play. He is quite pupulor and a bit of a celebrity as his new mom is Cheryl Brooks from EZ rock 104.9. He went to work with her the other day, and won everyones heart. You are one lucky little man. Have a wonderful life with your new family.



 2-4 year old mixed breed, doxi cross female. Spayed, microchiped,current shots, flea and tick guard, bordatella and rabies vaccinated and aprox 14 lbs.

Lexi, now named "Boo" is in the most wonderful home. She will enjoy the rest of her life with her fur brother " Sketch" and her wonderful owners, Heika and John. Many romps at the Terwillegar dog park with the extended families dogs are now a regular part of her new life. For a dog that had no chance at the shelter to make it out alive, simply due to the numbers of dogs there,  she sure is one of the lucky ones. thanks to Heika and John for adopting Boo, and for your past and continued support of the mission to save these wonderful little dogs lives. Beautiful little dog, enjoy your new life.





 Very small girl, all shots, microchipped, bordatella, rabies, flea and tick guard, spayed. Only 6 lbs and just over 1 year old.

Sunshine has found her perfect home. She has a new family to love and protect her. She is adored and doted on and loves playing with the grand kids. She enjoys running around the house, playing and having fun. Her new family says she is soooo sweet and they love her so much. Sunny Sunshine, continue to bring love and laughter to your new home. Another of the lucky ones. Shine on Lil' Momma.






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